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So we've been a little quiet around here of late. Truth is we have been working on new figures and hope to have even more available in the new year but right now we have 2 new packs of mounted figures which will be available in the next couple of days.

These have been designed to pair up with the Wargames Atlantic General Accoutrements Horses. By doing this I have been able to save on costs by not having to get horses designed and it means I don't have expensive horses to cast. This in turn makes them cheaper for you, our customers, to purchase.

So what do we have. There are an initial 2 packs, based on the Bank Robbers and Vaqueros we released last year. Each pack contains 3 figures cast in metal, one of each pose, and you will have the option to purchase them with or without the horses. The Wargames Atlantic horses will also be available to purchase separately through Black Sheep Miniatures.

So we hope you enjoy these and we hope to have more new figures available in early 2024!


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