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Welcome to Black Sheep Miniatures

Hey there and welcome to Black Sheep Miniatures. Thanks for having a look around and giving this short post a little read. We are planning on using this blog page as a means to keep you in the loop with what we are up, where we may be trading and what may be in the pipeline.

So who is Black Sheep Miniatures? Well it is ran by myself, Glenn, you may know me if you are in the UK and attend any of the major wargames shows. I can be found on the Warbases stand typically. Talking of Warbases, Black Sheep Miniatures will be available from their stand at any of their shows from 2023 onwards!

So why the name, Black Sheep Miniatures? Honestly, there is no real specific reasoning. I wanted a name that was generic enough to allow me to take Black Sheep wherever I wanted.

What are we making? Well first of all, we have started with 30 figures suitable for the Wild West. These are Vaqueros (Mexican Cowboys), some Banditos, Bank Robbers and Prospectors. These are all ideal for games such as Dead Man's Hand and the coming soon Too Fat Lardies rule set, What a Cowboy!

What's to come? Well we have already started work on another pack of Western figures, and we have outlined several more that we want to release. After that, we are looking at creating figures for other eras and genres, so watch this space. Cowboys might not be your thing, but our next range might be!

Anyway, thanks for reading through that waffle, I hope you will join me on this exciting adventure!



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